my1020 is an iPhone application that is designed to provide the user with their current GPS coordinates in three different formats: DD MM' SS", DD MM.MM, and Degrees.  This was originally intended to assist first
responders in determining their coordinates to relay landing site information to medevac aircraft that may
require the GPS coordinates in different formats depending upon the aircraft's GPS equipment.  The app will
also allow the user to display their current location on a map.

my1020 is designed for use on an iPhone with iOS v6.0 and higher.  It will also run on the iPad but is not designed to take advantage of the iPad's larger screen size at this time.

Release History
September 2013   v1.00    Initial Release
September 2013   v1.01    Added satellite and hybrid views
January   2016   v1.10    Updated for iOS9
July      2016   v1.20    iOS9 updates

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