Score Buddy

Score Buddy is an iPhone application designed for the competitive shooter to track his/her scores.  Shooting disciplines currently supported are: Bullseye Pistol, Rifle, IDPA, Trap and Cowboy Action.  The app allows the user to create a Match for one of the disciplines and then add as many aggregates/stages as required.  Scores for each aggregate/stage can then be entered for the associated match.  A reporting function is included that will email the accumulated scores for a particular discipline in either a detailed or summary format.
Score Buddy is designed for use on an iPhone with iOS v6.1 and higher.  It will also run on the iPad but is not designed to take advantage of the iPad’s larger screen size at this time.
Release History
July     2013  v1.00    Initial Release
October  2013  v1.10    Updates to how scores are entered
May      2015  v1.20    Updates for iOS7 and iOS8
                        Added options for IDPA Down entry
July     2015  v1.30    Updated reporting
August   2015  v1.31    Updated iPhone-4 display and terse reporting
January  2016  v1.40    Updated for iOS9
April    2016  v1.41    Minor bug fixes
July     2016  v1.50    iOS9 updates

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