Fire Buddy

Fire Buddy is an iPhone application designed as a training aid for engine and truck companies.  For the engine, it allows the calculation of friction loss and engine pressure for a given hoseline.  The user can pre-define multiple hose loads where commonly used or preconnected lines can be saved and recalled.  Friction loss can be calculated for hose diameters from 3/4″ to 6″ with appliances.  Elevation changes, friction loss and required nozzle pressure are all used to calculate the necessary engine pressure.
For the truck, it allows the user to make calculations related to the reach of an aerial ladder.  The user specifies two of the following three parameters: Ladder extension, distance away from the building and vertical height of the building.  The app will then calculate the third parameter as well as the angle of the ladder that will be required.
Fire Buddy is designed for use on an iPhone with iOS v8.1 and higher.  It will also run on the iPad but is not designed to take advantage of the iPad’s larger screen size at this time.
Release History
February 2013  v1.00   Initial Release
April    2014  v1.10   Fixed crash under iOS7
July     2016  v1.20   iOS9 updates

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