M13 – Hercules Globular Cluster

M13 – Hercules Globular Cluster

M13, the Hercules Globular Cluster, is a globular cluster in the constellation Hercules that was discovered by Edmond Halley in 1714. Globular clusters are spherical clusters of ancient stars that formed around the same time as their host galaxy. M13 contains approximately 300,000 stars and orbits the halo of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is approximately 175 light years in diameter and located about 22,200 light years from Earth. M13 shines at an apparent magnitude of 5.8, making it barely visible to the naked eye under dark skies.

A faint “smudge” to the left of M13 is NGC 6207, an edge-on galaxy shining at magnitude 12 and located 30 million light years from Earth.

  • Date – 3/5 September 2018
  • Location – Backyard
  • Telescope – Meade 8” SCT @ f/6.3 (1320 focal length)
  • Camera – ASI1600MM-C @ -10C
  • Guiding – Orion Starshoot Autoguider w/50mm Guidescope
  • Mount – Orion Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G
  • Pixel Scale – 0.61″/pixel
  • Exposures (Gain 139, Offset 50)
    • Luminance: 151x10s
    • Red: 46x30s
    • Green: 46x30s
    • Blue: 46x30s
    • Total integration: 94 minutes
  • Processing – PixInsight

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